Chapter-13 Miscellaneous

A. Persecution.

Unlawful persecution is a crime:

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(33:58) "Those who molest believing men and women undeservedly, bear (on themselves) a calumny and a glaring sin."

At yet another place it is said:

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(85:10) "Those who persecute (or draw into temptation) the believing men and women and retract not from their practice, will have a burning chastisement (of hell), the chastisement that will burn everything they possess to ashes."

It is apparent that persecution includes both physical as well as mental molestation. The mental vexation is even more worse than the physical torture.

B. Tyranny and excess.

A comprehensive list of all that can by called tyranny or oppression cannot be prepared. (As a matter of principle, it may be said that, anything against the Divine Law comes under oppression. In fact, this word means "To put a thing at a place where it does not belong". This makes the purport of this word much wider). It is the duty of an Islamic State to provide protection for the oppressed and take upon itself the responsibility of the redress of their grievances. It is said in Surah "Bani-Israel" (17th Chapter of the Quran).

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(17:33) "If anyone is slain wrongfully, the murderer should not think that there is nobody to stand by the heirs of the one murdered and therefore he shall not be called to account for the crime. To provide protection for the heirs, We have made the Islamic Rule authoritative and prevailing". This Rule itself shall provide protection to the heirs of the slain person. Although this verse is related to 'murder', it shall be applicable to all sort of oppressions. If the government itself is the oppressor, the redress of grievances should be arranged through the judiciary. Justice ought to be provided cost for free because providing redress of grievances is a duty of the State and as such the State cannot ask for remuneration from the oppressed in providing him the redress of his grievances.

C. Conspiracy and secret counseling.

Secret counsels for unlawful matters and conspiracies are a crime:

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(58:9) "O you who believe! When you hold counsels, do it not for criminal activities against the Divine Order, but always do it to achieve ends in conformity to the Divine Law. In short, in whatever you do, your aim should be obedience of the Divine Law; because the Divine System should always remain the focus of all your activities."

D. The mutual (Reciprocal) relations of individuals in the society.

Believers are a single brotherhood:

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(49:10) "The believers are but a single brotherhood, so reconcile between your two contending brothers. While doing so, do not forget that both of them are your brethren and your decision should be according to the Divine Laws, without any favour or bias. This shall enable your society to become worthy of Allah's favours."

If at anytime, conflict between any two factions of the Mu'mineen reaches a stage of actual fighting, even then make peace amongst them, and if one commits excesses, call him to account.

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(49:9) "If (unfortunately, at any time) two parties among the believers start fighting each other, intervene to bring them to make peace, but if one of them transgresses bounds against the other, then you should all fight against the one who transgresses, until it reverts to abiding by the decision made in accordance with the Divine Law. So if he complies, then make peace between them with justice and be fair, for Allah loveth those who are fair (and just)."


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