Quranic Permanent Values
by G. A. Parwez


Many of you are aware that the mission of my life has been to understand the Quran and convey that understanding to others. I have dedicated my life to this mission.

 I have done this in many ways. Firstly there are my books, then there are the Tulu-e-Islam organizations; there are also the pamphlets, which have been distributed in there thousands. Then there are my speeches, which I have delivered on various occasions. I have given sermons at the Tulu-e-Islam conventions and last, but not least, there are the Quranic discourses held weekly for the last 35 years. These speeches, sermons, and discourses are recorded on tape. The tapes are available in Pakistan and are also listened to in other countries. The results have been very promising.

Whether referring to my nooks or speeches, sermons or discourses, generally it is said the language used is difficult. The reason for his is that the professional studying this subject is knowledgeable and to convey that exact knowledge to them requires precise descriptions which sometimes necessitates the use of words not commonly used.

But your request is now such that I should at least explain the foundations of our Deen in everyday language for widespread  benefit. I sympathize with this request and believe this should be so. With this aim in mind I am presenting six lectures where I will use easy-to-understand language so that the majority of people can take advantage.

G. A. Parwez