Decisions in the Light of Quran
by G. A. Parwez
translated by Dr. Manzoor-ul-Haque


Pause and reflect; there are numerous questions that start puzzling human mind right from the moment the human babe draws upon the dawn of consciousness – what are the material things, life, consciousness and the allied matters? What are Intuition, Revelation E’takaaf, Zakaat, Human Personality and Must Alust? What is the prayer (Namaz) and how does it differ from Salaat? What is the Destiny of Man? Are Good and Evil absolute? Is there any suprasensuous source of knowledge for human counseling and directing? Is there any reality behind the concept of Imam Mahdi? 

What is the political system of Quran that has been hurled into the trashcan of history and how does it help mould the human life today? What are the injunctions of fasting? What is the purpose of Hajj in the social order of Islam? What does the Quran say of alms and charity? And how does the Quran solve today’s social and marriage problems? 

In more recent times, fresh problems changing the mores and cores of life have cropped up – race, gambling, betting – its various forms – drinking, mix of wine with medicine, music, lottery, rockets’ tenuous argument for Ascension (M’eraaj), historical interpretations and Islam, pornography, indecency, age, - its increasing and decreasing – economic system producing a mishmash of confusion, and cunnings of human reason, trepidation of the educated young – terrorism and escape – least measures to stymie ones ambitions, avalanche of funds to be accumulated, offering baubles and trinkets to make unlawful wide open and the like many more. 

Finally what is wrong with our History – the History of Islam, the achievements made during the First Era of Islam, the conspiracies of the foreign alliance against Islam, the significance of National Monuments? What is the future of Muslim Nationalism? Where will the romping with Deen, the System of Islam, lead us to in the comity of nations? What will come out of the pestilence – pernicious, evil influence – of elections? Why is Revelation the need of the West? And what its future is going to be? 

Right from the publication of Tolu-e-Islam Magazine in Pakistan, from 1948 to 1985 numerous questions were asked by the people in Pakistan and abroad. These were responded in the light of the teachings of the Quran – and were published under the title of Quraani Faisley – The Quranic Decisions – by Tolu-e-Islam Trust (Regd.) Lahore, Pakistan. Its English rendering is here in the cyberspace. The sole aim of projecting this vision is that the ultimate non-material basis of all life is eternal and reveals itself in variety and change. A society based on such a concept of Reality must reconcile, in its life, the categories of permanence and change. It must possess absolute principles to regulate its collective life. But absolute principles when they are understood to exclude all possibilities of change tend to immobilize what is essentially mobile in its nature. The failure of the Europe in political and social sciences illustrates the former principle; the immobility of Islam during the last five hundred years illustrates the latter. 

So the Question-Answers on the incoming pages will replenish your mind and heart: 

To revitalize that the Quran is the criterion for judging between truth and falsehood – everything that agrees with the Quran is correct and that, which is in disagreement with it, is false

To inculcate the Quranic Teachings for developing the vision that reason alone is not enough to solve the problems of life – reason needs Revelation, Wahee, just as eyes need the light of sun 

To garnish the stark fact that the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) attained the pinnacle of beautiful character and conduct – foreign conspiracies vitiated our history by alloying with it things that are a blot on the Messenger’s escutcheon i.e. a stain on his honour 

To accept with conviction that the people of every era, according to the requirements of their time, will have to compile the details of the law in the light of the Quran by mutual consultation – this would be done in the light of the immutable principles of the Quran; the details of law will keep changing according to circumstances, but the principles of the Quran shall forever remain unalterable. It was with this modality that the questions have been answered in the light of the Quran. 

It will be in this way that the World will replenish with the light of the Nourisher. 

Dr. Manzoor-ul-Haque